Wolds Way Day 4 (the pain sets in)

Mileage today was only supposed to be 14 miles (turned out to be 16) and Sam said it was flat. Having done this walk a few years ago I knew that there was a particularly nasty climb up through the woods east of Winteringham. The day started with sharp climb out Thixendale but thankfully levelled out all the way to the medieval village of Wharram. A lot of hard walking along chalk paths, great views of the North York moors and the steep climb made for a good day.
On day four of any long distance walk the wear and tear on the body starts to take it\’s toll. Compeed is being applied liberally and the small niggles on day 1 are becoming serious complaints. As I\’ve already said my self and Sam have been through this . To Jo & Chris this is new, it is physically and mentally challenging and they are doing really well. A lot of their inspiration has been because of your support. Thank you.
On a lighter note we decided to get a bus from the days from the finish point to Ganton rather then wait for the taxi. Very embarrassingly the bus driver asked me if I had a bus pass just like the one my father had (Sam).



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