Wolds Way Day 3

Many thanks to the Gait Inn for some great food, wine, pool and a donation to the charities. The Ramblers Rest in Millington is also a place that I would highly recommend.
Day 3 Started with a serious climb out of Millington followed in the next 1.5 miles by two more very steep descents and ascents (sorry Chris & Jo). Weather wasn\’t great but probably very good for walking. We have decided (with Chris & Jo\’s approval) that we would walk at our pace and they would proceed at their own. They did try to keep up with us on the first day, we did try to stay at their pace, but it is best if you can just go at your own pace and be comfortable. Thixendale is a great place and many thanks to Steve at the Cross Keys but if you want mobile reception and internet go somewhere else.
Also many thanks to everyone who has donated on Chris & Jo\’s just giving page, it is really motivating them through some difficult times (this includes the GNU at North New bald). Donations of Competed gratefully accepted!

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