Tockwith Show Children\’s Poetry Competition Winner 2019

2019  Schools Poetry Competition – Theme \”How Did You Get Here\”

The overall winning poem was by Emma Butterworth of Tockwith Primary Academy

How did you get here?

I left what I called home,
I had to move,
Somewhere far from there,
So I’d be safe from the bombs that scared the families cuddled up together,
Hoping they’d stay there forever,
How did I get here?

No one to see,
No one to love,
I didn’t want to go,
How did I get here?

I never knew where to go,
Sadly, I had to leave,
The land I used to know,
How did I get here?

I wanted to know:
Who was I?
But people didn’t love me,
The way I wanted to be,
They told me I wasn’t good enough,
But surely,
My dream is my dream,
And their dream is their dream,
How did I get here?

Until now,
I thought I was nobody,
But I knew that I would be my own person,
Now I know how I got here.

Charlotte Green our judge remarked
 “A powerful poem for our times, giving a voice to the voiceless.”

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