Tockwith Agricultural Show are looking for crooks

The organisers of Tockwith Agricultural Show are looking for crooks.

But fortunately this isn’t the criminal variety. They are looking for some of the many thousands of people who attend the popular annual show to explore their creative talents and consider entering a stick or crook into the Open Crafts competition, and help save a slice of agricultural history.

Show Steward Nigel Keenlyside explains: “In past years the Sticks and Crooks Competition at the Show has been hotly contested and attracted some incredible examples of handiwork from many members of the community. But in more recent years numbers have dwindled and there were hardly any entries last year.

“We are sure there must be plenty of people in the area with woodworking skills, and we’re keen for them to enter this category. It’s been part of the show for decades and it would be such a shame if we had to remove it from the Schedule.”

As well as the Open Crafts class, with six months to go before show day on Sunday August 6th entries are already coming in for more than eight hundred classes ranging from haybales to horses, cakes to classic cars and poetry to pigs.

On the day more than one hundred and twenty trophies and over six thousand pounds in prize money will be handed out, making it one of the largest agricultural shows in the region.

Pic shows Class Steward Nigel Keenlyside

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