The Pennine Way – Sam & Steve\’s Next Adventure

Show (co)Chairman Sam Blacker & show secretary Steve Ross are off on their travels again. You may rember last year that we walked the Offas Dyke track, well wanting to go one further Sam decided that he would like to walk the Pennine Way. This is a 21 day walk staring in Edale in the Peak district and finishing in Kirk Yetholm (Scotland) just over the scottish border. I originally was going to do the K2 base camp trek but after having a partial knee replacment in November I thought it best to stay in the UK (for this year at least!).
So we are now 5 days in and have travelled over 70 miles with some long and hot days behind us. Things are going well (at the moment) but the prospect of walking for a week longer than we have ever done is still very daunting.
As usual we have already had a variety of accomodations and experiences which will bode us well for our upcoming talks to the WI etc.
We were originally supposed to be a party of 3 but unfortunately Malcolm (Sam\’s brother in law & show treasurer) was very unfortunate to suffer a stroke. Thankfully he is recovering very well and is hopng to join us for a day shortly.
Another shout out must go to Dan (Sam\’s son in law) who had decided to join us for the first 3 days, had booked his accomodation, bought new boots and then was rushed into hospital to have his appendix removed. Get well soon Dan.
We are off to Malham tomorrow and will slowly work our way up the country. We are not doing this for a specific charity but our president (Fiona Harris) is supporting the British Heart Foundation so any donations would help raise spirits.

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