Show Setup – Day 8

Everything is slowly starting to fall into place. Numerous jobs to be completed today but thankfully there were a good number of people around to help (it cost a fortune in bacon butties today). The main ring is now double roped up and all of the benches are in place around the ring. A couple of trade stands arrived today to start their setting up though a lot will turn up tomorrow and Sunday morning.

Apparently we have such a large entry for Vintage Tractors etc. that the parade in the main ring is going to need more time so some slight changes to the schedule will need to be made.

It\’s the Dressage event tomorrow and that also has a large number of entries and is scheduled to run from 9am up to around 3.40pm!

\"The \"Benches\" \"Mike \"Benches \"The \"Shiny \"Many \"All \"Hutchinson \"Ripon

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