Show Date Moved to Sunday – 5th August 2012

In recent years several shows have moved from a Saturday to a Sunday and they have seen attendance increase by about a third.

With ever increasing costs and reduced income from sponsorship it was something that the Show Society could not ignore. The capacity to fund raise is also getting more difficult. If no fund raising had been undertaken this year then the Show would have made a substantial loss. Of course we were not helped by the weather. We can never guarantee good weather but there is much anecdotal evidence to indicate that public attendance at the Show will increase substantially by moving to a Sunday.

This year\’s Show cost over £40,000 to stage and it is a tremendous commitment for a one day show. Sunday has become the traditional family day out and it makes economic sense to tap into that extra potential revenue. The Show needs to make a profit to give it a financial cushion to enable it to plan future Shows.

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