Liquorish – A story from the show

Hello all

A sad tale to bring a tear to the eye …..

It is our tradition that after the Show we get together with our family and guests for fish & chips and a little wine. This year, in the middle of the meal I took a phone call from a Mr B of Wetherby. His young child was distraught over the loss of a black and white cuddly toy cat with a red ribbon which is a constant and essential companion. Apparently it had gone missing at the Show and the tears were flowing fast and furious. They were about to have a bad night, and had anyone handed such a creature in at the Show? I said that I would enquire.

Mr B said that its name was Liquorish, as if that was somewhat relevant. Maybe he wanted me to wander round the Showfield with a torch calling “here kitty kitty” and if more than one appeared then the name would be a distinguishing feature, as would the red ribbon. But this is basically fibre and flock, not flesh and blood! However, one must sympathise and not criticise under such stressful moments.

I related the sad tale to my guests. “We’ve seen it!” exclaimed several as in a chorus, “it was by the Farriers”. They had left it thinking that such a treasured item would be soon missed and that the owners would retrace their steps in earnest endeavour of search.

I rang Mr B. “Why don’t you pop over to the Showfield, climb the gate and head for the Farriers?” I suggested. Unfortunately he had accompanied his meal with a small beverage as had I, and therefore we were both incapable of rescuing the stranded soggy moggy to placate the bawling infant. Not to worry, the night will soon pass.

Mr B rang again. His wife was having none of this. She had sped over to Tockwith, sought and retrieved Liquorish, and returned it to the snuffling child, no doubt kicking a few butts in the process. Mr B was very grateful.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Regards Bob Ellis

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