It was a warm day to be walking around with white marker posts!

The day started with the container 2 being put into it\’s final resting place. It was only 28 degrees at the time. So with bodies being on the show field we decided to start marking out all of the rings, marquees etc.. With the pigs being cancelled, extra room being needed by the trade stands and alterations to the horse rings much head scratching and mopping of brows was done. At this point we are now ahead of the game but with the prospect of a very wet weekend it is best to be ahead.
Talking of wet weekends the Young Farmers are helping put up the sheep pens on Saturday so we do hope they bring their waterproofs!
Also had a call from the steward today and entries for Fur & Feather are very good. Can\’t believe how many tray of eggs are entered.
The card payment terminals from Worldpay arrived today so if you don\’t get tickets in advance don\’t forget your debit card.


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