Groundbreaking new technology helps everything go according to plan

In what is probably the first time for any country show, Tockwith Show is adopting satellite technology to help mark out the showground.

Conventionally, marking out the ground can take three people up to two days to complete, and involves careful measuring using tape and measuring wheels to ensure no mistakes are made. But using GPS (Global Positioning by Satellite), the process can be completed by two people in a couple of hours. The system also reduces the risk of human error which can cause major headaches in the run-up to the show – and even on the day itself.

The show is mapped using mapping software which can then interface with the GPS technology to produce an accuracy correct to the nearest millimetre. Sam Blacker, Chairman of Tockwith Show, says “At this stage, just a week before the Show, time is precious and the time saved using this technology, as well as the increased accuracy and reliability, is crucial in allowing us to set out the ground, marquees and so on, in good time.”

The mapping was provided by Pierce Bottomley architects and the GPS system is supplied by Precision Decisions Ltd.

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