Tockwith Show to take a break, but the show will go on!



The organisers of Tockwith Agricultural Show – one of the largest to be held in the region – have decided to take a one-year break to try and recruit more volunteer helpers, and also to review the content and structure of the event.


The decision was discussed at the Society’s AGM, and unanimously approved at the following Committee meeting.


Georgina Watson, the Committee Chair, who had planned to step down has agreed to stay in place until a new Chair can be appointed, and says that after the discussion at the AGM and the Committee meeting she now feels confident about the Show’s long-term future.


“Although it’s obviously disappointing to have to cancel the 2024 show this does give us a really valuable opportunity to take a look at every aspect of the show and in particular to find ways of spreading the workload.”


A number of new people have already come forward to offer to help and the committee have decided to make the focus of 2024 a number of smaller events to help promote the show and raise awareness within the community.


“Clearly the key to ensuring the show’s future is to recruit more people,” said Georgina. “That way we can make sure that small groups rather than individuals share what at times can be hard work. We want to ensure that being involved in the show remains both exciting and enjoyable for everyone.


“We also want to ensure that people joining our team can bring in fresh ideas. The show has been incredibly successful in the past, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room to adapt and improve what we are offering. The year’s break means we can throw everything up in the air and see what emerges.


“I think this is an exciting opportunity and I’m confident that Tockwith Show will be back better than ever in 2025.” she said.


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