Bonfire Night Fireworks – 2022 Cancelled

The organisers of Tockwith Show have decided to cancel plans to hold a Bonfire Night fireworks display next month.

The show committee took the decision after hearing that a combination of the physical restraints of the showfield site and the amount of work involved in organising the event meant it was difficult to justify continuing.

Committee Chair Georgina Watson said: “It was a hard decision for the committee but ultimately our focus as an agricultural society is making sure we can put on the annual Tockwith Show.

“We have just held an incredibly successful show in August, but organising it, staging it on the day and most importantly clearing up the field afterwards involved a tremendous amount of work by a relatively small group of volunteers, and the burden of organising the Bonfire Night event would have fallen on the shoulders of that same group.

“Unlike the show itself the Bonfire Night event is totally at the mercy of the weather but still involves the same amount of hard work, so given both reasons we have with regret decided to cancel the event,” she said.

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